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Ayurvedic Treatment Centre in pune
Established in 1994, "Ayurvedic Doctor " is Major Activity of Ojas Ayurvedic Centre which are committed to creating a healthy society

The word Ojas emerges from the very vital element of life - Tej, which also means radiance.

Ojas Ayurvedic Centre is located in Pune, India. Pune has a very rich history as being India’s ayurved knowledge centre.

Mission of Ojas Ayurvedic Centre

  • To give comprehensive treatment to the patient until the patient achieves a sense of complete Wellbeing.

  • To increase the Health Quotient (HQ) of every individual through our healthcare services to achieve a healthy society.

Our Well Known Ayurvedic Treatments :

1. Ayurvedic Treatment for Bone and Joint

2. Stress Management Ayurveda Treatments

3. PCOD And Infertility Treatments

4. Would Be Mother- Healthcare Treatments

5. Pregnancy Treatments- For Healthy Baby

6. Heartcare Treatments To Have A Healthy Cardiac System

7. Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetic

8. Ayurvedic Treatment for Prevention Of Cancer

In Brief....

Ojas offers ayurvedic treatments for diabetes, cancer prevension, bone and joints, pregnancy, slip disc, thyroid, knee pain

Ojas ayurvedic medicines or products for weight loss, weight gain, cough, cancer, cold, liver

At Ojas, avail ayurvedic panchakarma treatments, eye care, body massage

Ojas manufactures its own ayurvedic oil for hair growth, arthritis, joint pain, skin, psoriasis

Ojas has best ayurvedics doctors in pune at their ayurvedic clinic centre located at karveroad, Pune, India